20/11/2019 9:24 AM IST

Marie Kondo's New Shop Sells All The Items She Urged Us To Throw Out

Marie Kondo's shop offers necessities like a $50 "tuning fork" and a $96 ladle.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images
Marie Kondo has built an empire encouraging people to throw away their stuff. Now she wants you to buy... more stuff. 

Marie Kondo’s well-organized empire sits high above us and our affinity to collect stuff. It celebrates minimalism and encourages us mere mortals to keep only the items that “spark joy.” 

Or, it turns out, things that spark joy for ― and put money in ― Kondo’s pocket. Because now that your home is empty, the time is right to start filling it up again with things from Kondo’s new online store. 

The woman who has written best-selling books, starred in a hit Netflix show about freeing yourself from your crap and is the reason your childhood bedroom is now a gym is now shilling “dumb crap you don’t need.”


Labeled by the website as “a collection of items that spark joy for Marie and enhance your everyday routine,” highlights include a $96 gold ladle, a $75 literal box and a $275 brass tool holder.  Better known as a bunch more things you, in most cases, do not need. 

The irony is not lost on Twitter users, who both gawked at the news and praised Kondo for her, uh, business savvy. 

Please excuse as we hold up an image of Kondo’s $35  “computer brush,” thank it for the joy it has brought to our Twitter feeds and promptly X out of the site. 

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