12/04/2019 4:05 PM IST | Updated 12/04/2019 4:16 PM IST

Maneka Gandhi's Warning To Muslims: 'Vote For Me Or Else...'

"This victory will happen with or without you," the Union minister reportedly said in Sultanpur.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Union minister and BJP’s candidate for Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur Maneka Gandhi was heard making a convoluted appeal for votes in a video which surfaced on social media on Thursday. 

Gandhi, according to The Times of India, said that she would have second thoughts about helping Muslims if she wins from the Sultanpur seat without the community’s help. 

“This is important. I am winning. I am winning because of the love and support of people. But if my victory is without Muslims, I won’t feel that good. Then when a Muslim comes to me for work, I think let it be, how does it matter. It’s all give and take, isn’t it? We aren’t all sons of Mahatma Gandhi, are we? (laughter). It’s not that we keep on giving and then losing in the election. This victory will happen with or without you,” she told a gathering of Muslims in Sultanpur, according to NDTV

The report further quoted her as saying, “I have already won the elections, but you will need me. This is your chance to lay the foundation. When the election comes and this booth throws up 100 votes or 50 votes, and then you come to me for work we will see...I don’t see any divides, I see only pain, sadness and love. So it is up to you...”

“I am extending a hand of friendship. You can ask anyone in my former constituency of Pilibhit about my work. I have already won this election, the rest is up to you,” she was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

In its list of candidates for the 2019 polls, BJP had announced that Maneka Gandhi will contest from Sultanpur and Varun Gandhi from Pilibhit.