07/04/2019 9:12 AM IST

Mamata Banerjee Calls Modi A 'Liar', Compares Him With Ravan

Mocking Modi’s 56-inch chest rhetoric, Mamata Banerjee said even Ravan had a big chest and that does that mean we would support “Ravan raj” in the country.

DIPTENDU DUTTA via Getty Images

ALIPURDUAR/JALPAIGURI—West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Saturday called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “liar”, who has been blabbering lies in the last five years and not fulfilling a single promises made during the last general election in 2014.

Banerjee also mocked Modi’s 56 inch chest rhetoric and wryly said even Ravan (demon king) had a big chest does that mean we would support “Ravan raj” in the country.

She criticised Election Comission over removal of police officers in Bengal and challenged the poll panel to remove her first. 

Sharpening attack at PM, who early this week had made a scathing attack at the TMC supremo describing her a “speedbreaker” in the path of development of the state and also who wants poverty to stay so her “politics of poverty” can flourish,Banerjee launched no holds barred attack on Modi.

Banerjee wondered how a person who didn’t look after his wife would look after the citizens of the country, taking an apparent dig at Modi.

She further accused the BJP of trying to turn legal citizens of the country into foreigners in the name of NRC and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.

Banerjee, who has emerged as an important leader of the anti-BJP bloc, said addressing a rally at Barobisha area of Alipurduar district,“TMC will lead the formation of the new government at the centre. Bengal will show the way.”

West Bengal with 42 Lok Sabha seats, third highest after Uttar Pradesh’s 80 and Maharashtra 48, is witnessing a fierce political fight between Trinamool Congress and the saffron party, buoyed after good performance in last year rural election and a few bypolls.

“We welcome the central forces, but they must work hand in hand with the state forces for proper and smooth voting. They have changed good police officials, but that will not affect us. Whoever you bring as replacement is our officer, it won’t affect us. If you can, replace me first,” Banerjee said.

Her comments comes in the backdrop of Election Commission of India (ECI) decision to remove four IPS officers, including Kolkata and Bidhannagar Police Commissioners. Banerjee has also written a letter to EC protesting against the decision.

“Let me warn you, if the BJP wins, the independence of the country and its people will be at stake. Freedom of religion, what to eat, what to wear will all be dictated to you”, she said and gave a clarion call to oust the “anti-Bengali, anti-minority” BJP.

“The BJP has to be defeated in order to save the people of this country. The TMC will lead the formation of the new government at the centre. Bengal will show the way,” she said.

“Even Ravan had a big chest does that mean we would support ‘Ravan raj’ in the country”, the TMC supremo said mocking Modi’s 56 inch chest rhetoric.

“Prime Minister Modi is a liar. He has been blabbering lies in the last five years. He has not fulfilled a single promises he made in 2014,” she said.

Hitting out at BJP over NRC and Citizenship (Ammendment) Bill, Banerjee said it is another ploy to turn legal citizens of this country into refugees.

NRC is being imposed by the BJP in Assam. They are excluding Bengalis, even Hindus. Chasing away Bengalis is not that easy. We will not allow it. Citizen Amendment Bill - they are saying will give citizenship after six months of stay. But what will families do during that time? How will they access day to day necessities?, she questioned.

Modi during his 2014 election rallies had promised re opening of closed tea gardens in Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri.

But he has not opened a single one.

He used to call himself a “chaiwala” (tea seller). Now the chaiwala after failing to fullfill his promises has turned into a “Chowkidar” (watchman), the TMC supremo mocked.

Questioning the credentials of John Barla, BJP’s candidate in Alipurduar Lok Sabha seat, the fiesty TMC boss said Barla was one of the main accussed in the riots that took place few years back bewteen the Gorkhas and Adivasis in the region.

“It is quite obvious that a party like BJP which preaches the policy of riots could not find a better candidate. But we will not allow him to win. We will not vote for him. We will not vote for a party that causes riots and creates trouble,” she said.

At the time of election, BJP comes here with sacks full of money, distributes and seeks votes, but don’t pay heed to their words. We all should fight unitedly to oust them, she alleged.