28/11/2016 8:11 PM IST | Updated 28/11/2016 8:16 PM IST

Just Try To Look Away From This Bath Bomb Being Made

So. Freaking. Magical.

Anyone who’s ever stepped into a Lush Cosmetics store understands the sensory overload synonymous with its wide range of products.

Take that, multiply it times one trillion, add a heaping dose of glitter and you have the inside look at one of its downright dreamy factoriesBuzzfeed Style shared a peek behind the walls of this magical cosmetics kingdom to get a better look at how its soaps, lotions and, of course, famous bath bombs are made. 

The bombs are known for turning bathtubs into mini slices of heaven, but the slice that happens while the bomb is in production is more satisfying than even the most luxurious bath could ever be. Seriously.  

Pick up your jaw off the floor and check out the video above.

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