04/01/2019 2:48 PM IST

A Comic For Anyone Who Perpetually Feels Like They Have Nothing To Wear

The clothing struggle never ends.

We’ve all been there: standing before a closet full of clothes and yet feeling like you have absolutely nothing to wear. All those once-enticing shirts, jackets and dresses now seem tired, outdated or ill-fitting. 

Artist Priscila Barbosa, who lives with her partner of five years in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is no stranger to this struggle. Though her closet space is, admittedly, twice the size of her boyfriend’s, she still bemoans her perceived lack of options.  

“We avoid getting dressed at the same time because he loses his patience with my complaints,” the artist told HuffPost. 

Barbosa captured the all-too-common scenario in the comic below: 

"Ugh, I have NO clothes." A woman stands before a closet filled with her clothing, while her partner assesses his scant options in his tiny sliver of space.

Figuring out what to wear is an ongoing ordeal for Barbosa.

“Getting dressed is always difficult,” she said. “I throw several clothes on the bed trying to find something that will make me happy.” 

And while their closet space may not be comparable, Barbosa insists that she and her boyfriend share a pretty similar outlook on clothes. 

“He also complains about his clothes and takes a long time getting dressed,” she said. “He is a fashionista also!”

To see more of her work, follow Barbosa on Instagram and Tumblr, or visit her website

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