The Best Long-Distance Mother's Day Gifts For Moms Who Are Far Away

While you might not be near, your mom will love these gifts that won't have her feeling too far away from you on Mother's Day.

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While you might not be able to be with your mom IRL on Mother's Day, she'll love opening up these gifts on her special day.
While you might not be able to be with your mom IRL on Mother's Day, she'll love opening up these gifts on her special day.

From the handmade, crayon-colored cards you made in kindergarten to the first box of chocolates you gave her with your own money, chances are your mom remembers most of the gifts you’ve given her on Mother’s Day.

While you might not be with her in person this year for Mother’s Day (which is on May 10, FYI) you probably want to get your mom a special surprise to let her know that you’re thinking of her — even if you call each other every day.

You could send her a bottle of wine that she can cheers with or fresh flowers that’ll be delivered right to her door. But keep in mind that this year, there could be some shipping delays when you order online, so you shouldn’t put off finding her gift until the last minute.

Of course, there are lots of Mother’s Day gifts and cards out there for these weird times, and since we’re on the lookout ourselves for our moms, we rounded up some of the best gifts to get moms who live far away.

From breakfast that’ll come to her bed to a pour-over kettle that’s meant to be almost spill-proof, she’ll be happy to see any one of these gifts on her front step.

Check out these 20 Mother’s Day gifts for moms who are far away:

A family recipe board for the chef-mom
Uncommon Goods
There's probably one recipe from your mom that you can never get as good as hers, no matter how much you try. This recipe board that doubles as a cutting board will show her how much you love her cooking. Find it for $100 at Uncommon Goods.
A frame that can hold a lot of memories, not just pictures
Your mom has probably kept a lot of mementos in her time, including childhood pictures you probably want to forget. And this frame can hold lots of them, including postcards and little handmade crafts you made in elementary school. Find it for $36 at Anthropologie.
The next best thing to breakfast in bed
You can give you mom breakfast in bed, even if you can't be with her IRL. Williams-Sonoma offers frozen pastries, like almond croissants, and pancake mixes that she can throw together easily. You can cheers with mimosas over FaceTime, too. Check out Williams-Sonoma's breakfast offerings.
A silk pillowcase for the mom who loves the finer things
She did tuck you in during all your sleepless nights, so she does deserves some shuteye. And this mulberry silk pillowcase will have her dreaming those sweet dreams. Find it for $59 at Brooklinen.
A pair of garden gloves
Your mom probably updates you all the time on how her garden is going. If your mom's got a green thumb, you can keep her arms from getting scratches with these garden gloves. Plus, she can't say no to this pretty print. Find them for $38 at Terrain.
A handwritten bracelet
Etsy / TomDesign
It'll be one-of-kind, just like she is: You can can customize this bracelet with a handwritten message. Find it for $42 at Etsy.
A pour-over kettle with a lot of precision
If your mom has accidentally spilled her morning coffee once or twice, get her this kettle with a precision-pour spout. Find it for $169 at Nordstrom.
A candle that's not like other candles
Homesick Candles
There's not a thank you card that's big enough for your mom — but she'll appreciate this candle, which has notes of lavender, white lily and bergamot. And the candle's packaging includes space for you to write a special note. Find it for $30 at Homesick Candles.
A sampler set for when she wants to spill some tea
Uncommon Goods
There's always some family drama. And now your mom can just drop one of these into her cup and start spilling tea over the phone. The set includes 25 tea drops in favors like blueberry acai and rose Earl Grey. Find it for $34 at Uncommon Goods.
A wine tote for the mom who always knows best
For the mom who really does know it all, this tote will keep her most prized possessions: wine bottles. Since it's reusable, she can keep using it over and over when she goes out grocery shopping. Find it for $88 at Anthropologie.
An infuser bottle that'll keep her hydrated
While your mom might remind you to drink lots of water all day, she secretly might not be doing the same. But with this infuser water bottle, she has no excuse. Find it for $32 at Anthropologie.
That Le Creuset Dutch oven she has always wanted
Le Creuset
There's cookware — and then there's Le Creuset cookware. The colorful and fancy feeling brand might have been on her wishlist for a while. Luckily, Le Creuset is having a sale. She'll love you even more once she opens up this Dutch oven. Find it for $124 at Le Creuset.
A lamp that's meant for long distance
Uncommon Goods
You might have times of the day when you wonder what your mom's up to. With just a touch, you can light up her life with this lamp that lets her know you're thinking of her. But she'll still tell you to pick up the phone more. Find it for $198 at Uncommon Goods.
Calla lilies that'll have her calling you right away
The Sill
Just because you're apart doesn't mean she can't get fresh flowers. Find them for $60 at The Sill.
A necklace that's got a lot of heart (well, two, to be exact)
Kate Spade
You've probably seen lots of necklaces that say "mama" that you know your mom would never wear. But this necklace is somehow both much more subtle and sparklier. She'll want to show it off. Find it for $68 at Kate Spade.
An ever-so-elegant pair of pajamas
She won't want to take these lace-trimmed pajamas off. Find them for $96 at Nordstrom.
A super mom set for the mom who loses things a lot
Rifle Paper Co.
She might be a super mom but she might also forget things ... a lot. Luckily, she'll be able to find her keys, jot down a to-do list and journal at the end of a long day with this set. And yes, the tote's included, too. Find the set for $35 at Rifle Paper Co.
A modern messenger
Uncommon Goods
Even when she can't find her phone, you can send your mom a message that pops up on this box, with the heart spinning to alert her. It's much better than just a card. Find it for $100 at Uncommon Goods.
Flowers that'll last a lot longer than a week
This wreath can hang at her door whenever you come to visit. Find it for $48 at Terrain.
A plushy, fluffy robe
This robe's from UGG, so you know it'll be super soft. Find it for $97 at Nordstrom.