29/09/2016 5:00 PM IST | Updated 30/09/2016 7:21 PM IST

Long awaited position for drug authority filled

Dr P C Sharma has been appointed on position of Drug inspector for ayurveda medicines in state of Madhya Pradesh. After a long discussion Dr P C sharma has been informed for his new appointment and has been ordered to join his office at latest.

Position of drug inspector was long vacant, so appointment of Dr P C sharma has came as a relief, as many of the pending work of drug inspection, control and licensing.

Work of a drug inspector many times includes taking drug samples of medicines, checking their quality control and checking for ground realities of a pharmacies producing those medicines, which considering sheer size of state of madhya pradesh, will keep Dr P C sharma busy.

In madhya pradesh there are more than 600 small and big ayurveda drug manufacturing unit, who have their production, distribution and marketing network in madhya pradesh. In madhya pradesh there are are two positions for drug inspector but only Dr P C Sharma was considered suitable for this herculean task, after looking his long hard working record at work.

With this new appointment, association of ayurvedic drug manufacturer association feels relief and hope that now licensing and drug control process with will be done with fast pace.

Sate government is also taking ayurved therapy and natural medicines at top priority. hence supporting manufacturers by regularly organizing fairs and events for increasing awareness of ayurved and its medicines.

Recently world ayurved congress a international event was also sponsored and organised by madhya pradesh state government.