27/10/2016 6:05 PM IST | Updated 28/10/2016 8:52 PM IST

Here's The Deal With That Pink Hat Lady Gaga's Been Wearing

The story behind the "Lady Joanne" hat she's been wearing everywhere.

In promoting her new album, “Joanne,” Lady Gaga seems to have traded in her love of zany Philip Treacy hats for more subdued (by Gaga standards) pink western-style lids.

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She drove James Corden around wearing one during her Carpool Karaoke appearance. She also wore one in a new ad for Apple music, as well as during her SNL performances last weekend. A wide-brimmed pink hat is the only thing she’s wearing in the album cover art for “Joanne” (the album that dropped on October 21 and is named after Gaga’s middle name).

So what’s up with that hat?

For one thing, pink is her favorite color, according to Gladys Tamez, the milliner who designed these hats for Gaga.

But it also represents a new direction for Gaga, Tamez told The Daily Beast: “[The pink hat] represents more of who she is inside as opposed to her public persona. The hat is central in a symbolic sense to who this new Lady Gaga is.”

Tamez also claims the pink hat is partially responsible for songs on the album, explaining that Gaga started writing the record while wearing a hat in the bathtub.

Gladys Tamez
Lady Gaga has recently been seen wearing the "Lady Joanne" hat, by milliner Gladys Tamez, which can be yours for $680.

While the hats are custom-made for Lady Gaga by Tamez, you can buy one from the LA-based milliner yourself ― the Lady Joanne, the same hat Gaga wears on her new album’s cover, is available for $680, as well as the Lady Bianca, a pink hat named after Bianca Jagger and worn by Gaga recently, which is also $680.

See Gaga wearing a lot of pink hats below:

  • James Devaney via Getty Images
    Lady Gaga visits Strawberry Fields in Central Park on October 24, 2016, in New York City.
  • James Devaney via Getty Images
    Walking in Manhattan on October 24, 2016.
  • NBC via Getty Images
    Performing during "Saturday Night Live" on October 22, 2016.
  • NBC via Getty Images
    Gaga in another SNL performance.
  • Raymond Hall via Getty Images
    Coming out of "Good Morning America" on October 21, 2016 in New York City.
  • James Devaney via Getty Images
    Performing on the balcony of The Bitter End in New York City on October 20, 2016.