18/10/2019 8:15 AM IST

Kim Kardashian Says She And Khloé 'Saved' Kris Jenner's Life By Vetoing Met Gala Look

The Tommy Hilfiger look chosen by the matriarch of the KarJenner clan for the annual Vogue fete was not well-received by her daughters.

It seems Kris Jenner’s choice of outfit for this year’s Met Gala was not at all appealing to Kim and Khloé Kardashian.

On Sunday, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” featured a scene where Jenner showed her daughters the outfit she was planning on for the May 2019 fete. Jenner had the look on her phone and explained to them that this year’s theme, “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” was “supposed to be campy and wild.”

“Think David Bowie,” said the matriarch. 

Khloé’s response was puzzled at how the look would feature in person, but ultimately clear on her feelings towards the ensemble: “I need to see this in person ’cause you don’t want to have, like, a big FUPA ... Look at this. What is this, and who do you think you are? Pull it back!” (FUPA is an acronym that stands for “fat upper pussy — or penis/pubic — area.”)

Kim chimed in, “Honestly if I sent this to Kanye [West] he might have a heart attack.”

Continuing on their diss parade, Khloé told her mother that the outfit “is an emergency” and that the 63-year-old is “so lucky you showed us.”

“We literally saved your life,” said Kim earnestly.

Jenner didn’t seem concerned with her daughters’ vetoes and ultimately wore the custom Tommy Hilfiger jumpsuit and coat anyway.

Elaine Wells/STAR MAX/IPx
Kris Jenner at the 2019 Costume Institute Benefit Gala celebrating the opening of "Camp: Notes on Fashion."

What mama wants, mama gets.