17/04/2019 4:44 PM IST

Kerala Congress Leader K Sudhakaran's Misogynist Campaign Video Is Also Really Stupid

What on earth was he hoping to achieve here? 🙄

K Sudhakaran/ Facebook

K Sudhakaran strikes again!

The Congress candidate for Kerala’s Kannur constituency decided this week that he needed to unleash his infamous sexist views once again, this time as part of his Lok Sabha election campaign.

A campaign video released by Sudhakaran on Monday alludes to his opponent, CPM candidate PK Sreemathi, known as Sreemathi teacher, who is the sitting MP from the seat.

It’s not really clear how this video, centred on a property dispute, helps Sudhakaran’s campaign, but there is no subtlety involved in the misogynistic manner it attacks Sreemathi.

Sample this.

The despondent patriarch of a family is heard saying, “If she goes and speaks (presumably in the Parliament), nothing will get done. We’ve already sent her once. They did not understand a word she said. It was useless to educate her and make her a teacher.”

In a response that is meant to be both admonishing and encouraging, the man’s friend says that he should sent his son instead. “He is a man! If he goes, the work will definitely get done,” he proclaims.

Then, the woman who is being insulted by three men and has just been staring blankly throughout, breaks into an approving smile.

A photo of Sudhakaran alongside the Congress symbol slides in, saying vote for him. 

Sudhakaran shared the video on his Facebook page, saying it did not refer to any characters, dead or alive, or to “those who have made speeches in Parliament”.

Sudhakaran’s senseless video is presumably in reference to a speech in English Sreemathi teacher made in Parliament that led to many classist memes making fun of her English skills.

Sudhakaran is not new to such controversies. Earlier this year, he called Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan “worse than a woman”, then apologised. 

And he is not just any Congress leader. Sudhakaran is the working president of the party’s state unit.

As the Congress’ female candidates, especially Priyanka Gandhi, face sexist attacks this election season, and party president Rahul Gandhi espouses equal treatment of women, perhaps the party should consider schooling its own first.