15/04/2019 6:26 PM IST | Updated 15/04/2019 6:43 PM IST

Kejriwal Has Done Another U-Turn, Time Running Out For Alliance, Says Rahul Gandhi

The Congress chief said he is willing to give 4 seats to AAP in Delhi.


Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday evening accused Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal of having done “yet another U turn” in the ongoing discussions between the two parties for a pre-poll electoral alliance for the seven seats in Delhi.

Putting the ball firmly in Kejriwal’s court, Gandhi tweeted: 

This is the first direct comment by Gandhi on Kejriwal after talks between the two parties resumed to explore the possibility of a pre-poll alliance.

Gandhi’s comments come a day after Kejriwal said at a press conference, following a meeting of opposition parties over concerns relating to the EVMs, that the “country is in danger. We will do anything to save it. Our effort to save the country from Narendra Modi and Amit Shah will continue.”

The AAP chief was quick to respond to Gandhi and tweeted, “What u-turn? Talks were still on. Your tweet shows that you don’t really wish to have an alliance, but are only pretending to want one. I am disappointed with your statement. Today, the need to save the country from Modi-Shah is of paramount importance. It is a misfortune that you are splitting the anti-Modi vote in other states and helping Modi ji.” 

While AAP wishes to ally with the Congress in some other states, including Haryana, apart from Delhi, the Grand Old Party has agreed for a pre-poll alliance only in the national capital. Following Gandhi’s tweet, the ball is now in AAP’s court.