23/07/2019 8:14 AM IST

Keanu Reeves Pulls Another 'Breathtaking' Move On Fan's Front Lawn

The Keanussaince continued while the actor was shooting "Bill & Ted Face The Music" in Louisiana.

Keanu Reeves is quickly transitioning from most excellent dude to damn-near-saint.

Reeves, dubbed “the internet’s boyfriend” by some, won over a fan with an act of kindness while filming “Bill & Ted Face the Music” in Slidell, Louisiana, recently.

Stacey Hunt and her sons left a note on their front lawn near the set that read “You’re breathtaking.” It was a reference to “The Matrix” star’s declaration at a recent gaming convention that the entire audience was “breathtaking.”

The 54-year-old actor appeared to take her breath away with the gesture. “Oh my heavens!” Hunt wrote on a Twitter pictorial of the Keanu moment that she posted Thursday.

Reeves posed for a photo with Hunt and her sons Ethan and Noah, and chatted a bit about his new film and “The Matrix” movies. He encouraged Hunt to introduce the original “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” to her sons, NOLA.com noted.

Reeves has been experiencing a renaissance of late with a run of viral moments. He entertained fellow stranded travelers after an emergency landing and received praise for keeping his hands off women in picture poses.