Johnny Depp's Latest Dior Sauvage Advert Pulled After Racism Accusations

The latest advert starring the Sherlock Gnomes actor was criticised over its use of Native American imagery.

Johnny Depp’s latest Dior fragrance ad has been pulled by the French fashion house, after it faced accusations of racial insensitivity towards Native American people.

In the ad, which debuted on Friday, the actor was seen walking through the desert, followed by the Native American dancer Canku One Star.

He was also seen playing a guitar riff by musician Link Wray, who was part of the Native American Shawnee group.

In the hours that followed, the advert was heavily criticised over its use of Native American imagery, as well as the fact that the name of the fragrance – Sauvage, the French word for “savage” or “wild” – could be interpreted as a racist slur.

The ad has now been removed from Dior’s social media accounts, with a spokesperson for the brand saying: “The House of Dior wishes to address the strong reaction to the trailer of the new campaign of the Sauvage fragrance featuring a Native American artist performing a traditional Fancy dance.

“This campaign was inspired by the deep and rich Native American culture which the House of Dior holds in highest regard.

“To ensure accuracy and inclusion the House of Dior works closely with Native American consultants, artists, writers and dancers as well as the Americans for Indian Opportunity.”

They added: “The House of Dior has a long-standing commitment against racism or any kind of discrimination and will continue to work with and proudly support organisations which fight against those burdens.”

Johnny Depp pictured in China towards the end of last year
Johnny Depp pictured in China towards the end of last year

Johnny Depp has been the face of the Sauvage fragrance since 2015, with Dior previously facing calls to drop the actor as their spokesperson around the time he was accused of abusing ex-wife Amber Heard.

When they formally separated, Heard and Depp issued a joint statement, in which they labelled their marriage “at times volatile, but always bound by love”.

Heard then donated her entire £7 million divorce settlement to charity, giving half to an organisation that works to prevent domestic violence.