05/01/2020 9:51 PM IST

‘Mob Threw Stones, Beat Up Visually Impaired Boy’: JNU Student

The student said she saw a group of people wearing masks storming Sabarmati Hostel, and that the mob included women as well.

A view of the shattered glass door of Sabarmati Hostel, JNU.

A JNU student told HuffPost India over the phone that she was standing on a hostel balcony in the girls’ wing of Sabarmati Hostel when she heard loud screams and a smashing sound. When she went into her room, she heard girls shouting “ABVP goons are coming.”

The student, whose identity HuffPost India is withholding, said she saw a group of people wearing masks storming the hostel, and that the mob included women as well. They smashed the glass door of the hostel and the men entered the boys’ wing, forcing their way into rooms that were locked as well, she said.

When the JNU student tried taking photos and filming the attack, one man grabbed her phone, but the student managed to thwart him using pepper spray.

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When the mob left the hostel, they threw stones at the balcony from outside, she added.

When some of the girls managed to enter the boys’ wing of the hostel, they found it in a state of chaos. One visually impaired boy had been beaten by the mob because he was unable to run away in time. The student said that while he was not visibly bleeding, he was “badly shaken up”.

The students locked themselves into the hostel rooms and barred the door with beds and other furniture.

The student said that through the hostel window, she could see Delhi Police personnel beating up people, though she couldn’t ascertain who was being beaten.

The student said that the JNU Wi-Fi is currently down, and that many students are still locked in their rooms. Other students are assembling at the T-Point near 24/7 Dhaba.

HuffPost India saw at least one ambulance leaving the JNU campus.   

Multiple students and teachers of Delhi’s JNU were attacked on Sunday night by groups of men wearing masks. JNU students’ president Aishe Ghosh was among those attacked on Sunday night as goons with “iron rods” went on a rampage at the university campus, the students’ union said.

A mob of over 100 people have gathered outside the main gate of the campus, shouting ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. The mob attacked an ambulance as it was entering campus.