17/01/2020 12:37 PM IST

Jack Dorsey Asked His Favourite Twitter User Elon Musk For Help

Dorsey asked for "some direct feedback".

Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey on Thursday asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk how he would fix Twitter at a company meeting. “Give us some direct feedback,” Dorsey was quoted as saying by Bloomberg

“I think it would be helpful to differentiate” between real and fake users, Musk replied, according to a video posted to Twitter by an employee, Bloomberg said. “Is this a real person or is this a bot net or a sort of troll army or something like that?”

The Tesla CEO was one of the high profile Twitter users to speak at the company event, the report added.  

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Last year, Musk announced his decision to go “offline for a few days” on Twitter. He was, however, back in just four days. 

Dorsey had in 2016 said that Musk’s account is one of his favourites on Twitter and called him a “good model” of how to use the social networking site well. 

“He’s constantly on Twitter, constantly talking about what they are doing — and how he’s feeling about it as well. He is very open and using it to correct press and if people aren’t focused on the right thing,” Business Insider quoted Dorsey as saying about Musk.

In 2019 Dorsey was criticised for his praise of Musk, who had been sued for defamation over a tweet.