08/11/2016 11:46 PM IST | Updated 09/11/2016 3:07 PM IST

IRCTC Tatkal – The Easiest and Fastest Way to Get To Your Next Destination

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation or IRCTC is a supplementary company owned and operated by the Indian Railway. It is responsible for managing the online ticketing processes of the railway system.

IRCTC Tatkal’s Service Offerings

Among the services that this online ticketing offers include the following:

  • Tourism for local and international tourists that visit the country
  • Tatkal Scheme for payment
  • IRCTC Help Line for customer services

The main objective of this company is to operate the most efficient, effective and customer-oriented booking facility. It aims to address the concerns and provide outstanding customer service to the millions of local and international railway commuters in India. As of today, IRCTC can be considered as one of the greatest and biggest ticketing operation in the world when it comes to online ticketing.

We bring you to your destination fast

The objective of Tatkal ticketing is to bring convenience on your fingertips. With the busy world that people are in today, we would like to make ticketing to your next destination easier and comfortable for you. Here, you are able to choose the train and schedule of your next trip. It allows you to view train schedules, pricing, and class seats, thus allowing you to plan your schedule trips ahead.

Things you should consider in booking at Tatkal

For your convenience and future references, here are the things you need to consider when planning to book from Tatkal:

  • Maximum booking per railway train is only for four passengers
  • You cannot change the name of the passengers once the booking was made
  • They do not allow waiting list of tickets to give way to other passengers who are trying to book a ticket.

Choose your class

There are numerous classes to choose from. So whether you’re planning to board business or economy class, IRCTC Tatkal has several choices for you. Each class is also accompanied by a code for easy booking. Among these classes include the following:

  • First class Air-Conditioned (AC) (Code:1A)
  • First class (Code: FC)
  • AC 3 Tier (Code: 3A)
  • 3 E - AC 3 Tier Economy
  • AC 2-tier sleeper (Code: 2A)
  • AC chair Car (Code: CC)
  • Sleeper Class (Code: SL)
  • Second Sitting (Code: 2 S)

IRCTC Tatkal on your mobile devices

Since people today are into mobile devices such as Smartphone’s and tablets, a new app for IRCTC online booking was recently introduced. This app allows you to book your next trip through Tatkal online booking. You can easily download it on your mobile device, install it, and book your next trip just by filling the necessary tabs for information. This app helps train commuters maximize time and energy in booking their next trips. It is also widely accessible throughout the country.

So if you’re planning to get into the city, our tour for the next holiday, don’t forget to book early at Tatkal. Here, you can experience convenience and flexible railway choices at affordable prices. Hurry and book now!

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