29/03/2019 1:42 PM IST

India's 'Limited Strength' Can't Deter China, Chinese Tabloid After Mission Shakti

The editorial in a state-run tabloid said that "India should understand that it will trail China in military and comprehensive strength for a long time".

People watching PM Modi's address on Mission Shakti.

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India has “successfully” carried out an anti-satellite missile test, China reacted guardedly, expressing hope that all countries will uphold peace and tranquillity in the outer space.

However, China’s state-run Global Times was much more direct in its warning to New Delhi and said that the anti-satellite test “shouldn’t stir India’s nationalism”.

Global Times is published by China’s ruling Communist Party’s People’s Daily.

Saying that the US and other Western countries criticised Beijing when it carried out the same test in 2007, the editorial added that the West viewed India’s move from the “China-India competition” perspective.

It goes on to say that India’s development is “uneven” and at least in the next few decades, New Delhi’s dream is to catch up with Beijing. In what seems like a warning, the editorial said that India “should understand that it will trail China in military and comprehensive strength for a long time”. 

Indians, it said, believe that China and Pakistan will be afraid as India achieves military progress. The editorial dismissed such an opinion as “naïve and dangerous”.

It also hoped that Indians understand New Delhi’s “limited strength can’t deter China, nor is its deterrent to Pakistan as strong as some Indian people think”.

Modi, while announcing the success of Mission Shakti, said that the action was not directed against any country and the satellite was a pre-determined target orbiting at an altitude of 300 km.

He said India did not breach any international laws or treaties by testing the anti-satellite missile.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) also said in a statement that India has no intention of entering into an arms race in outer space. 

Other reactions from China

The Chinese Foreign Ministry, in a written response to a question from PTI, said: “We have noticed reports and hope that each country will uphold peace and tranquillity in outer space”.

The Chinese military also said it hopes all countries can take “real actions” to maintain lasting peace and stability in the outer space. 

(With PTI inputs)