08/04/2020 9:59 AM IST

Indian-American Journalist Dies Of COVID-19 In New York

Brahm Kanchibhotla was working with Indian news agency United News of India and had lived in the US since 1992.

Brahm Kanchibotla in a file photo.

An Indian-American journalist, Brahm Kanchibotla, died of COVID-19 in New York, reports said. 

PTI reported that Kanchibotla died at a hospital in New York on Monday night. 

The journalist is said to have been working for the Indian news agency United News of India. He was 66 years old. 

IANS quoted family member Sudama Kanchibhotla as saying, “We have not set a date and it will have to be a very small gathering because only ten people are allowed at funerals.”

According to the report Brahm is survived by his wife Anjana and daughter Siujana.

Brahm is said to have worked in the US for 28 years after he moved there in 1992. 

While he was a corresponded with UNI, according to the IANS report, he had also been the content editor for the financial publication Merger Markets and had also worked with News India-Times weekly newspaper.

He is said to have worked for several publications in India before moving to the US. 

According to AsAm News, a portal for Asian Americans and Pacific Islander communities, Brahm was admitted to a hospital in Long Island of March 28 after his condition began to worsen. He had began to show symptoms on March 23. 

He was put on a ventilator on March 31. 

PTI reported that several people from the Indian community had tested positive for COVID-19 in the US, while there was no particular data on how many. 

The report quoted Indian-American Rajendra Dichpally as saying, “Really shocking that this is happening to the community. Cannot believe that this is happening to us and the people we know.”

According to Johns Hopkins University there were 3,98,809 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the US and 12,907 people had died. In New York alone 4,009 people had died of the disease.