06/03/2020 9:54 AM IST | Updated 06/03/2020 1:25 PM IST

Hoardings Come Up In Lucknow With Names And Addresses Of Alleged Anti-CAA Protesters

Fifty-three people, including activist Sadaf Jafar and former IPS SR Darapuri have been named, and asked to pay a fine for damage to public property.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in a file photo. 

Yogi Adityanath’s BJP government has put up hoardings in Lucknow with the names and addresses of 53 people accusing them of public property damage during the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. 

The Uttar Pradesh government had cracked down against anti-CAA protests and had warned protesters that those who damage public property would be fined. 

NDTV reported that the alleged accused have been named along with their photographs and home addresses and have been asked to pay or warned that their property would be attached.

According to the report those who have been named in the hoarding include activist-politician Sadaf Jafar, lawyer Mohammed Shoaib , theatre personality Deepak Kabir and former IPS officer SR Darapuri.

It is known that people like Jafar and Darapuri were picked up by the police just for participating in the protests. Jafar had told Huffpost India that she was brutally tortured by the police for participating in the protest. 

Lucknow District Magistrate Abhishek Prakash was quoted by News18 as saying, “The hoardings of people who have been identified by the district administration for indulging in violent activities during the protest have been put up across the city. Around 100 such hoardings will be put up at several places and these will feature the pictures, names and addresses of people. Also, people indulging in violence have been served recovery notices and if they don’t pay for the damages, then their properties will be confiscated.”

This comes even as those named in the hoardings had been granted bail after the court said there was not enough evidence against them to prove the charges of rioting that they had been arrested under. 

Over 67 shops had been sealed in UP’s Muzaffarpur a day after Yogi Adityanath had warned, “There has been violence and public and private property has been destroyed in several districts in the state and we will deal with it strictly. All properties of those involved in damaging public assets will be seized and auctioned to compensate for the losses.”