18/03/2019 11:42 AM IST

'Bhakts Are Coming': Hasan Minhaj's Episode On Lok Sabha Elections Has Twitter Worried

Hasan Minhaj is getting a lot of love online but people are worried about him.

Twitter/Hasan Minhaj

Indian-American comedian Hasan Minhaj did an entire episode on the upcoming Lok Sabha election in India on his Netflix show Patriot Act and people are freaking out.

The episode released on Netflix and was also posted on YouTube on Sunday, and Minhaj is getting a lot of love.

Here’s what Twitter users had to say: 

People pointed out how the episode stood in stark contrast to shows by Indian news channels.

 Some viewers, however, felt Minhaj didn’t go far enough.

Netflix had to pull downPatriot Act’s episode on Saudi Arabia where Minhaj criticised the crown prince, Muhammad bin Salman after backlash from the country.

Minhaj took a dig at the fact that the episode was taken down saying, ”“This is ‘Patriot Act’ — or as it’s known in Saudi Arabia, ‘Error 404, not found.’” 

“I still can’t believe it. We got Saudi Arabia to issue its very own Muslim ban,” he joked later, before recapping “how I became an Internet bad boy.”

So, of course, everybody had the same thought.

People were also worried about Minhaj and the impending onslaught of right-wing trolling.

But others had solutions.

Don’t worry, you guys. Hasan knows what he’s gotten himself into.

Or does he?