04/09/2019 5:44 PM IST

Harry Styles' New Hairstyle Is Ripping The Internet Apart

The pop star went for something daring, and fan opinion didn't go in one direction.

Former One Direction star Harry Styles just GOT BANGS!!! Er, bangs. Sorry for shouting.

Now, that might seem to pale in newsworthiness to the pop singer rejecting the role of Prince Eric in “The Little Mermaid” remake or doing psychedelic mushrooms. But his tressing is causing some stressing.

As soon as photos circulated of Styles reportedly posing with fans in Italy sporting his professionally unkempt shag with bangs, the debate erupted.

Personally, we’re Team Harry on this. And for those who are not, Styles’ hair is kind of like the weather. Just wait a bit and it will change. 

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