29/11/2016 7:16 AM IST | Updated 02/12/2016 10:49 PM IST

This Harry Potter Christmas Tree Is Pure Holiday Magic

A Snitch, Hogwarts acceptance letter and Ravenclaw diadem are hidden inside.

Some people have a hard time deciding between real and artificial trees during the holidays. For Kathryn Burnett, however, a magical tree was the only option.

Facebook/Kathryn Burnett
Kathryn Burnett's tree is a wonderful ode to Harry Potter.

The British Harry Potter fan set up the ultimate Harry Potter Christmas tree using trinkets collected from frequent visits to the Harry Potter studio tour in London, she told HuffPost. The tree features gems only true Potter fans would recognize, from a Ravenclaw diadem to the Dolores Umbridge unicycle and a Sorting Hat at the top.

“The two things I love the most are Christmas and Harry Potter,” Burnett told HuffPost of her tree. “At first my friends thought it was a crazy idea, but now they love it.”

We see only sheer brilliance here. (Story continues below the photos.)

Facebook/Kathryn Burnett
Presents, a scarf, a tiny Hogwarts Express replica and an owl complete the tree's look.
Facebook/Kathryn Burnett
Look closely for the Golden Snitch! 
Facebook/Kathryn Burnett
That tiny owl cage, though. 
Facebook/Kathryn Burnett
An entire Ravenclaw corner was necessary, naturally.
Facebook/Kathryn Burnett
And of course Honeydukes candy was a must.
FacebookKathryn Burnett
And there's an Umbridge Unicycle from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes!
Facebook/Kathryn Burnett
No Harry Potter tree is complete without the Nimbus 2000.

Whipping up Harry Potter home decor is no easy feat: Burnett first drew a sketch of the tree, then got to work arranging her items and twisting the branches to secure them, she told HuffPost. All in all, the tree ― which, by the way, is artificial ― took about eight hours to decorate.

We’d say it was well worth it. Good work, muggle!

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