08/09/2018 12:39 AM IST | Updated 08/09/2018 1:14 AM IST

'Guinness World Records 2019' Features Some Truly Weird Feats

Everything from the guy with the most body modifications to the cat balancing the most dice on one paw.

Guinness World Records has just released its 2019 edition, and, of course, the record holders are getting lots of media attention.

This year, no one may get as much ink as Rolf Bucholz of Dortmund, Germany, but he had a head start, since most of his body is covered with tattoos.

Bucholz was selected as the World’s Most Pierced Male in 2010, but the new Guinness book says he’s now also the man with the Most Body Modifications ― a whopping 516.

Bucholz’s feat is extreme, but he’s joined in the new book by a host of other weird world records:

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