17/05/2019 6:01 PM IST

18 Unforgettable Grumpy Cat Memes That Made Her An Internet Icon

The best grumpy pics from a little legend.

The internet is in mourning today after Grumpy Cat’s owner revealed the famous moggy has died.

Tabatha Bundesen and her brother Bryan revealed that despite some of the best veterinary care, the cat encountered complications from a urinary tract infection which “became too tough for her to overcome”.

She passed away at home “in the arms of her mummy”, her family said in a statement on social media.

The seven-year-old cat, who found fame thanks to her uniquely unhappy look – caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism – became an online sensation in 2012 after Bryan posted a photo of her on Reddit. She has since accrued 2.4 million followers on Instagram, who religiously track her updates.

Tributes have flooded in for the cat who brought joy to millions across the world, met numerous celebrities and whose iconic look of misery spawned memes and merch galore.

To bring a tiny bit of joy on this sad sad day, here are some of her best photos.

1. Ho Ho No. 

2. Miserable Minion.

3. Hulk No-gan.

4. Merry... No.

5. The Look Of... Hate. 

6. Princess Leia. 

7. No-da.

8. We Stan.

9. Muppets, The Lot Of ’Em.

10. J-No.

11. Pure Disdain.

12. I Ate Him.

13. I Don’t Care. 

14. Toys R The Worst. 

15. Ready For My Close Up. 

16. Grumpy Meets... Grumpy. 

17. The Only Ruler Of Westeros.

18. Grumpy’s First Pic.