'Fiji Water Woman' Kelleth Cuthbert Says She Had ‘No Idea’ Her Golden Globes Photobombs Would Go Viral

Kelleth gave a masterclass in how to steal the spotlight.

Kelleth was employed for the evening by Fiji Water and dutifully stood holding a tray of the stuff as the stars made their way into Sunday night’s event.

Little did she know, though, snaps of her behind the famous faces were causing plenty of amusement online.

Kelleth and Richard Madden 
Kelleth and Richard Madden 

Getting the most out of her 15 minutes of fame (no judgement, we’d do the same), Kelleth has now spoken to People magazine about the evening.

Insisting that she wasn’t seeking out the cameras, the model said: “There’s tons of photographers everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you stand, you’re in the crossfire of every shot.”

“I had absolutely no idea what was happening because I obviously didn’t have my phone on me,” she continued.

“I didn’t find out until the last stragglers of the red carpet were heading into the awards ceremony, and all these people walking by started shoving their phones in my face and showing me that I was trending on Twitter, but I didn’t understand the magnitude of it till later.”

Nobody was safe 
Nobody was safe 

And just in case anyone else should finds themselves in her position in the future, Kelleth shared her top tip, adding: “You’ve gotta have good face, at least, if you’re gonna be hovering in the background frequently.”

Nicole Kidman, Richard Madden and Jim Carrey were just three of the stars who were on the receiving end of Kelleth’s accidental photobombing on the red carpet.

Inside the ceremony, Richard was one of the first stars to win an award, being recognised for his star turn in ‘The Bodyguard’.

Other TV winners on the night included Rachel Brosnahan, from ‘The Marvelous Mrs Maisel’, and Sharp Objects’ Patricia Clarkson.