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God Is Not For Sale

Do you believe in God? Many of us grow up believing in God. If you ask young children on the street, they will say, "Yes, I believe there is a God."

If you ask one of them why, she'll say, "Because my parents said so," or "Because my grandmother says so." If you go to the grandmother and ask the same question, she will say, "Of course God exists. How could you even ask such a question?"

But you must ask yourself these questions. Actually, in many ways an atheist is more honest -- he does not believe because he has not had the experience. If you believe in God, what is your proof to back up this belief?

Have you experienced the Divine Principle?

Can you say with absolute confidence, "I believe because I have experienced God"?

Without the backing of your own experience, this statement remains hollow and a meaningless adage.


There is nothing wrong with blind belief, as it can guide us, but eventually experience must be there to back it up. The belief or the hypothesis must be backed by personal experience. So how can we have this experience, and why do we want to have the experience?

At the very essence, the purpose of all religious and spiritual practices, as well as scientific knowledge for that matter, is to raise our level of consciousness in order to realize the purpose of our existence. Intuitively we know there is something beyond the physical world and our worldly consciousness based on the experience of the five senses. We know it because every day we have glimpses of something beyond. But how do we cultivate that consciousness of what is beyond?

In one of his talks, Swami Vivekananda describes how we only use a fraction of our available consciousness. Scientists agree that even someone as creatively intelligent as Einstein might have used only ten percent. So imagine what heights we could reach if we were able to expand our level of consciousness to even twelve or fourteen percent? It begs the question, what about the other eighty-five percent?

With the help of Heartfulness meditation with Yogic Transmission and the refining of our subtle bodies, we are able to expand our available consciousness to soar higher and higher into the infinite sky of superconsciousness and plunge deep into the ocean of subconsciousness. And in going deeper and deeper within our Self we experience God.

Take it up as a scientific experiment. Start with the hypothesis that, "There is a Source of Divine Light already present in my heart," and test it. You are the experiment and the experimenter, and your heart is the laboratory. See what you find when you observe and experience.

As human beings, we have the capacity to experience this directly, with a heart to feel and a mind to observe. It is our birthright. Our duty to each other is to offer the experience to whoever is interested. As my Guru, Babuji, once said when asked how much he charged for meditation, "I received this divine knowledge from my Guru for free. Why should I charge anyone for it?"

Our Divinity is to be shared. Do not be fooled by anyone who sells Yoga and God. God is not for sale. And if God were for sale and you could afford to buy God, then why would you need God?

All the best,