30/09/2019 12:15 PM IST | Updated 30/09/2019 3:49 PM IST

#GoBackModi Is Top Twitter Trend Again As PM Lands In Chennai

The last few Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited the state, people have taken to Twitter to protest making the hashtag #GoBackModi trend.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced a social media backlash as he visited Chennai on Monday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Chennai on Monday, and keeping up with the last few times he visited, people from Tamil Nadu on Twitter are asking him to go back. 

#GoBackModi became the top trend on Twitter on Monday morning with over 50,000 tweets as of 12pm. 

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The BJP has been trying to make in roads into Tamil Nadu, however, till now has failed to capture the public imagination. 

After landing in Chennai, Modi harped on the fact that he had spoken in Tamil in the US. He said, “During my visit to the United States of America, when I said something in Tamil and I told the world that Tamil is one of the world’s oldest languages, so even today, the language is being resonated across the United States.”

However, this failed to impress the people of Tamil Nadu, who have protested every time Modi has visited the state. 

Here’s what Twitter users said: 

And while #GoBackModi was trending, #TNWelcomesModi also started trending, with around 22,000 tweets.

So some Twitter users pointed out how this had become a trend too. 

There were of course many cartoons and memes. 

People tweeting with the hashtag also harshly criticised Modi’s divisive politics. 

Modi had faced a similar social media backlash when he visited the state in March, just ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In January too the same hashtag had become the top trend when the prime minister visited the state.