Glenlivet Launched Whisky Pods And People Are Worried Teens Will Do THIS With Them

'Redefining how whisky can be enjoyed' indeed.

On 2 October 2019, Glenlivet, the revered whisky maker, launched a new product – The Glenlivet Capsule Collection – little jelly-like pods of whiskey.

The promised premise is that you don’t need ice, stirrers or glasses to consume it. (because “drink” is really not the word to use here). The tweet said, “We’re redefining how whisky can be enjoyed.”

And apart from just not being into the idea of whisky pods, people are really worried teens are really going to redefine how whisky can be enjoyed.

And then the real concerns.

Here’s how this um works. In case you’re wondering but don’t want that in your search history (we understand).