25/03/2014 10:06 PM IST | Updated 07/12/2017 3:47 AM IST

'Game Of Thrones' Fan Turns Wheelchair Into Iron Throne For Cosplay

And the award for most awesome "Game of Thrones" cosplay of the day goes to ...

Mica Bethea, A.K.A. the guy who helped Tyrion Lannister take the Iron Throne.

While attending MegaCon 2014 in Orlando, Bethea took his cosplay to the next level of epic fandom by outfitting his wheelchair as the Iron Throne. By hiding his lower legs beneath a panel and attaching a pair of boots to his knees, he artificially shortened his legs. A leather jacket and hand-of-the-king pin complete the Tyrion Lannister look. "Star Trek: The Next Generation" actor Wil Wheaton was so taken with the getup that he tweeted a photo of it.

Top notch cosplay, sir. We raise our goblets to you.

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