'Game Of Thrones' Star's Tongue Twister Sows Major Doubt About Show's Ending

John Bradley explained to Ellen DeGeneres why he now didn't "know what I know is true."

Warning: spoilers for “Game of Thrones” below!

“Game of Thrones” star John Bradley has confessed that he may have been misled about how the show ends.

Bradley, who plays Samwell Tarly, now doubts what he’d previously believed about the conclusion of HBO’s epic fantasy drama in a preview clip of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to be aired Thursday.

“I thought I knew how it was going to end, and we definitely shot an ending, I can tell you that,” Bradley told host Ellen DeGeneres. “But I read an interview with our showrunners not so long ago when they said ’the actors think they know how it’s going to end.’”

Bradley, whose character survived the Battle of Winterfell in Sunday’s latest episode, said “actors’ paranoia instantly kicked in.”

He then delivered something of a tongue twister:

“I don’t know what I know is true. I may ultimately know, but I’m not going to know that I know until I know that I know.”

Of course, Bradley could have been bluffing in a bid to keep up the suspense of the eighth and final season of “Thrones.”

But would the loveable Tarly really stoop to such a level?

Check out the interview here: