12/08/2019 5:46 PM IST

Game Of Thrones' Nathalie Emmanuel Compares Show Ending To Break-Up

The Missandei actress admitted she hasn't felt like she's been ready to move on from the HBO fantasy series

Game Of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel has compared the end of the fantasy series to “going through a break up”. 

The actress, who played Missandei, admitted she hasn’t felt like she’s been ready to take up other projects since the show ended earlier this year. 

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Nathalie said: “When that ended, it was almost like going through a breakup.

“When other shows had kind of come along… that needed a six-year option, I was like, ‘I’m not ready!’ It’s like I’m still sleeping in my old boyfriend’s jumper at night.”

Nathalie Emmanuel played Missandei on Game Of Thrones

She added: “I’m not ready for a new jumper. I’m not ready to date again! It was that sort of feeling.”

Nathalie previously responded to the fan backlash to the final series, admitting she was irked by the online petition to have the final series remade “with competent writers”. 

Speaking to TV Line, Nathalie said: “Listen, I think it’s totally fine if you don’t like something. That’s perfectly acceptable.

“What I didn’t like was that people were signing a petition. You can’t ask for receipts on art. You just can’t. The art has been created for you, and you can either choose to like it or not.”

Nathalie added that she was “blown away” by the finale, saying: “[It was] a hard plane to land. I don’t think people quite realise the undertaking and the amount of manpower it took to do that.”

Rich Fury via Getty Images
Nathalie previously spoke out about the controversial fan petition to rewrite the final series

Her comments came after bosses finally addressed the Change.org petition, which was signed by over a million people. 

The president of HBO – the network on which the show airs in the US – claimed that remaking the final series is “not something we seriously considered”.

The petition was set up before the controversial final episode had even aired, following Daenerys’ decision to torch the city of King’s Landing, with many fans claiming it was a betrayal of her character.

Many other members of the show’s cast have spoken out against it, with Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark, branding it “disrespectful”, while Bran Stark actor Isaac Hempstead Wright also called it “ridiculous” and “absurd”, while Jacob Anderson – aka Grey Worm – called it “insulting”.

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