'Game Of Thrones' Star Jacob Anderson's Goodbye To Playing Grey Worm Has Us Sobbing

The actor and rapper who also goes by Raleigh Ritchie honored his character on social media: "You went from a robot to a real boy. I’m proud of you."

Jacob Anderson, the actor behind the “Game of Thrones” character Grey Worm, shared an emotional tribute to the head of the Unsullied army.

“GoT was like the craziest school trip ever. A 6 year Adventure Weekend,” he wrote in a three-part Twitter thread on Sunday, mere hours before the show’s series finale.

The actor and rapper, who also goes by Raleigh Ritchie, called out the names of the “Targs team” ― castmates of his who were part of his journey on the show as a supporter of Daenerys Targaryen. He appropriately shouted out Nathalie Emmanuel, who played Grey Worm’s love interest Missandei, first.

After also calling out the “ragtag bunch of talented clever rascals” that made up the crew, Anderson shared a side-by-side of himself as Grey Worm on day one on set and his last day on set.

Honoring his character’s arc as a forced warrior without autonomy to a loving leader with drive and hope, the actor wrote: “Grey Worm. You went from a robot to a real boy. I’m proud of you. I’ll miss you bud. Thank you to everybody that cared about him and rooted for him. He was really scared at first, but you made him feel loved. He appreciates it. I asked him.”

Fans of the show and Grey Worm were very responsive to the post and couldn’t help but respond with gratefulness and thanks for Anderson and his character: