Enraged ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Turn A Single Word Into An Anti-HBO Rallying Cry

Fans plan to make the cable network suffer for the ending of the hit series.

Game of Thrones” is over and many fans are ticked off.

Given that the show has dominated social media all season long, fans naturally expressed that outrage on Twitter. And one word kept coming up again and again: #Unsubscribe.

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gave the final episode of the series a score of 56% ― “rotten” ― based on critic reviews. While it doesn’t have an audience score for the episode, the audience score for the season was just 38%, based on more than 8,500 ratings.

Indeed, even before the finale, more than 1 million fans had signed a petition demanding that HBO redo the entire season. That doesn’t seem likely so fans are quitting the network and announcing it online.

Some subscribed to the network and/or its online service just for “Game of Thrones” and have no interest in HBO’s other offerings. But many others were simply ticked off at the show’s ending and they want HBO to know it: