Feminism Has Won. Female Beer Is Here.

Everybody go and chill with this drink of your dreams right now.



*Clears throat to put on best Beyoncé voice*


Then please prepare your mind and body, particularly your liver, for the end of gender discrimination.

Because India’s “first female beer” is finally here, thanks to Gurugram pub Ardor 29.

What, really, is a female beer? One that uses ovary-sized hops? A beer you have to pay waaaaay less for, while it delivers the same goods?

Nope, and nope again.

The people behind this eye-roll inducing idea say women “don’t generally like” bitter beer, so they created one that was sweet and smooth.

“The female beer is sweet and smooth, like women. Even the shape of its glass is like that (of women). But women can be potent if you mess with them. So this is also quite potent,” pub owner Suveet Kalra told HuffPost India.

For reference, here’s the shape of the glass.

So, sweet, smooth, potent and shaped like a menstrual cup—if that sounds like you, stop marching, pack away your protest gear, move that body away from Twitter and end all equal rights discussions right now.

Because Ardor 29 actually thinks feminism goals = achieved. ✅

Some of you are wondering whether any of this even makes sense.

’Course it does, you guys! After like half-a-dozen drinks.

This beer is non-bitter just like women, now that our dreams of equality have finally been accomplished.

People are already singing its... ummm... praises?

Some of you aren’t thrilled about it.

Lighten up, ladies. TGIF! This drink just fixed everything that’s wrong with our lives, and right in time for the weekend.

Amirite? Amirite? Am I riiiigggghhhht?

Brb, grabbing a drink.