Ellen DeGeneres' Hilarious 4,000-Piece Puzzle Saga In Self-Isolation Is A Wild Ride

In her first of five videos, she was optimistic. In the last, not so much.

Ellen DeGeneres is apparently struggling with her self-isolation.

The talk show host posted a five-part video saga on Instagram Monday as she set about piecing together a 4,000-piece puzzle.

She suspended production of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last week as a precaution amid the coronavirus pandemic, tweeting that it would resume on March 30. “I’m already bored,” she wrote at the time of her announcement.

Having already watched “every single thing on Netflix,” read the “entire internet” and played 16 hours of Heads Up! with her wife Portia de Rossi, according to a tweet, her boredom was indeed evident as she set forth on her mission to complete the puzzle.

After her initial optimism in the first video, DeGeneres reaches the excuse-making stage of her venture in Part 2.

“When I set out to do something, I finish it, that’s who I am,” she says. “But, I counted the pieces ― there’s only 3,999, there’s not 4,000 pieces.”

Completing the puzzle without the final piece, would, of course, not be acceptable.

So she abandoned the puzzle and opted for a book.

But no, she’s back. A third video reveals that DeGeneres, after packing away the puzzle pieces, discovered the missing piece under the table. “Day is saved!” she wrote as she resumed the fun.

Part 4: Blame. DeGeneres struggles to turn all the pieces to face up, and attacks de Rossi for filming the adventure instead of helping.

“Ellen ‘Do It’ DeGeneres is my name,” she adds.

Part 5: There are still thousands of pieces in the box.

“As you can see, I’ve turned over a lot. This took me, well, since I talked to you last. So, hours,” a frustrated DeGeneres announces.

A puzzle with 4,000 pieces is “ridiculous,” she concludes, adding that nobody even owns a table big enough to hold a completed puzzle of that size. “Who does?”

“This is ridiculous. It’s not like I can’t do it ... I can do it,” she assures viewers.

“I’m not gonna do it. Because I’m not stupid ... It’s Ellen, ‘Not Stupid’ DeGeneres, is what my name is.”

She has since reverted to watching herself on TV while working out.