19/05/2019 6:25 PM IST

VK Singh Confident Of Winning Ghaziabad For BJP Once Again

Singh is up against Congress’ Dolly Sharma and Samajwadi Party’s Suresh Bansal

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

VK Singh, minister of state for external affairs and former army chief, is BJP’s candidate from Ghaziabad in the 2019 general elections. Singh had won the seat in 2014 by the second highest margin, topped only by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s win from Varanasi.

In the 2014 Singh won by 5,67,260 votes to defeat Congress’ Raj Babbar. 

“Since 2014, me as well as my party’s priority have been development, development and development. People are liking that. I am very confident that people will vote for me for the work I have done,” he told IANS.  

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“Even when the opposition parties are united here, they are not a threat to me or the BJP. The people of Ghaziabad had been voting for development and they will continue to do so. Have you ever heard the opposition candidates speaking about development of the area?” he said. 

This time Singh is up against Congress’ Dolly Sharma, daughter of party leader Narendra Bhardwaj, and Samajwadi Party’s Suresh Bansal.

During the election season, Singh has vigorously defended the BJP against criticism of its politicisation of armed forces.  

“The Congress is saying the BJP is politicising the armed forces. However, as a former soldier who has served the Indian Army for several years and whose previous generations too have served the army, I can say it with surety that the Indian Army has never been trapped in politics.

“The soldiers of our nation perform their duties with honesty and the government is just praising their valour. If discussing the bravery and valour of our armed forces is politicisation, then it seems they (Congress) don’t know what politicisation is,” Singh said.

He has also warned against treating Pakistan as a friend.

 “A country which has been triggering proxy wars against India besides being a terrorist hub can never be treated as a friend. Treating Pakistan as a friend will be the biggest weakness of India,” Singh said.