23/05/2019 10:16 AM IST | Updated 23/05/2019 11:15 PM IST

BJP's Gautam Gambhir Wins In East Delhi, Atishi Congratulates Him

He was locked in a bitter fight against Congress' Arvinder Singh Lovely and AAP's Atishi.

NARINDER NANU via Getty Images

Cricketer-turned-politician and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Gautam Gambhir won from East Delhi constituency in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls by over 3 lakh votes. 

He was pitted against AAP candidate Atishi and Congress’ Arvinder Singh Lovely. Gambhir and Atishi were locked in a very close and keenly watched fight. 

Atishi congratulated Gambhir and said that she will “always be available for  help and collaboration for the betterment of East Delhi”. 

He is a former India opening batsman, who retired from cricket in December last year. Announcing his retirement, he had said that the “irritable noise of ‘It’s over Gauti’” has triumphed over his will to continue. 

Gambhir joined the BJP in March this year and was given a ticket fro East Delhi constituency He had said that he joined politics to find solutions to problems faced by people.

The Gambhir and Atishi battle had turned bitter right before Delhi went to polls on 12 May. Atishi had accused him of circulating a pamphlet which contained “derogatory” language against her. BJP had denied the allegations with Gambhir saying that he will withdraw his candidature if AAP can prove its claims.