'El Camino' Wasn't Meth-ing Around With These 'Breaking Bad' Reunions

The Netflix film delivers the cameos fans have been longing for.

Spoilers ahead for “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” on Netflix.

All “The Bachelor” tell-all episodes combined don’t have anything on “El Camino,” which is essentially a two-hour-long “Breaking Bad” reunion special.

Long-dead characters are brought back to life in flashbacks, storylines are finally given closure and, yes, the coup de grâce includes the return of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) for some surprisingly meaningful moments as we learn the next chapter in Jesse Pinkman’s (Aaron Paul) life.

Here are the “Breaking Bad” cameos you can expect to see in “El Camino”:

Walter White (Bryan Cranston)
Yes, Walt is still dead. But his return in "El Camino" was even more of a sure thing than death and taxes.

Walt is brought back in a flashback toward the end of the movie, which depicts some of the moments following his and Jesse's escape from the desert in the Season 2 episode, "4 Days Out."

The new scene brings us a, "Yeah, bitch," from Jesse as he loads up on food at a restaurant. It even delivers some character development for Walt, who tells Jesse he's lucky he didn't have to wait his whole life to do something special, showing Walt was really doing everything for himself from the start.
Badger (Matt Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker)
Ursula Coyote/AMC
Jesse, needing a place to crash following his escape from captivity in the finale of "Breaking Bad," turns to Badger and Skinny Pete in "El Camino."

Not only do they hide his El Camino and get Jesse situated with food and clean clothes, they also give him a new getaway car and seem to readily hand over the money they made for playing fake snipers for Walt in the final episode.
Todd (Jesse Plemons) and Kenny (Kevin Rankin)
Todd is the standout supporting star of "El Camino." He sings along to "Sharing The Night Together" as he drives with a dead body in his truck bed. He's mesmerized by a welder's mask while Kenny (Kevin Rankin) discusses whether Jesse's leash is strong enough to hold him in their meth lab. He gets overly excited about bean and bacon soup.

Even though Plemons looks very different all these years later, time and time again, his character delivers the weirdest and most messed up moments of the movie.
Mike (Jonathan Banks) and Old Joe (Larry Hankin)
Ursula Coyote
Mike and Old Joe also make returns in "El Camino."

The movie's first scene is a flashback featuring Mike talking to Jesse about his future plans. Mike tells Jesse that, if he was his age, he'd relocate to "Alaska, the last frontier." Jesse, clearly, takes that advice to heart.

Old Joe shows up for a brief appearance when he agrees to help Jesse dispose of his getaway car, only to realize he doesn't want to be mixed up in the whole thing. Thanks for nothing, Joe!
Ed the Disappearer (Robert Forster)
Jesse uses process of elimination to determine Ed is the vacuum cleaner salesman who could also help him escape Albuquerque and start a new life. In a dumb move, Jesse shows up at the store and begs Ed to work with him despite being short on cash. Ed, clearly perturbed, calls the cops, but says if Jesse gets him his full payment, he'll help.

At the end of "El Camino," viewers see Ed drop off Jesse in Alaska after smuggling him across state lines in a truck. Jesse gives Ed a letter addressed to Brock Cantillo (Ian Posada), the young son of Jesse's late ex-girlfriend Andrea (Emily Rios).
Jane Margolis (Krysten Ritter)
Jane's appearance comes at the end of "El Camino" when Jesse makes it safely to Alaska. In a flashback scene, the two sit on the hood of a car and talk about the time she said to go "wherever the universe takes you."

"I've gone where the universe takes me my whole life," she tells him. "It's better to make those decisions for yourself."

Jesse continues to drive off to freedom.

Jane was, of course, Jesse's love interest in Season 2 of "Breaking Bad." Her death scene was one of the show's most crushing, as Walter watched and did nothing as the young woman -- an addict -- choked on her own vomit while laying next to Jesse.
Jesse's parents (Tess Harper and Michael Bofshever)
The Pinkmans are, of course, devastated to hear of Jesse's part in the events of the "Breaking Bad" series finale and urge their son to turn himself in.

Jesse later tricks them into leaving their house so he can head in to grab some weapons from their safe.
Drew's Tarantula
After Todd shockingly killed the young boy Drew Sharp (Samuel Webb) in Season 5 following the train heist, he kept Drew's tarantula.

You can see the tarantula again in Todd's pastel apartment.
Bonus: "Better Call Saul" bodyguard (David Mattey)
In "Better Call Saul," Mike scared away a large bodyguard, played by David Mattey, from taking a job offer to protect Daniel Wormald (Mark Proksch). Mattey returns toward the end of "El Camino" as a bodyguard to a group of strippers.
Bonus: Lydia (Laura Fraser)
Although Lydia doesn't actually return in "El Camino," her storyline is finally given closure when we hear she's in critical condition after Walt poisoned her with Ricin as "Breaking Bad" tied up its loose ends. She does make something of a cameo -- a snow globe in Todd's apartment appears to house miniature versions of both him and Lydia, with the latter perched atop a cup (probably full of Chamomile and Stevia).

And that's the tea.