Drake Shouts Out Ayra Stark In Billboard Speech And People Think He's Cursed Her

The rap star snuck in a reference to Maisie Williams' character on "Game of Thrones" and folks are now fearing the worst.

Warning: spoilers for “Game of Thrones” below!

Is Arya Stark about to add Drake to her list?

Folks online think the Canadian rapper just put his reported curse on Maisie Williams’ badass “Game of Thrones” character.

Drake delighted fans of HBO’s epic fantasy drama on Wednesday when he shouted out Stark at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas “for putting in that work last week.”

Check out the clip above.

Drake’s praise came as he collected the Top Billboard 200 Album award for “Scorpion,” one of 12 gongs on the night which made him a record-breaker.

He was, of course, referencing that heartstopping scene from Sunday’s episode in which Stark stabbed the Night King.

The musician’s comment went down well with people on Twitter, including HBO:

Some, however, suggested Drake’s shout-out could mean that Stark’s time on the show is almost up, given how the rap star has a habit of meeting up with soccer stars whose sides then go on to lose their following matches.

It led Italian team AS Roma in April to lightheartedly ban its stars “from taking photos with Drake until the end of season.”

Only three episodes left.

Hang in there Arya!