24/02/2020 1:12 PM IST | Updated 24/02/2020 1:14 PM IST

#GoBackTrump: Indian And American Twitter Are Tossing Trump Back And Forth

Indians are telling Trump to stay away, while some Americans have asked him not to come back.

Getty Images/Twitter

US President Donald Trump has just landed in India, where OTT celebrations are underway. The Narendra Modi administration has left no stone unturned to make India look spic and span for the US president, even it means hiding a few hundred poor people behind a wall. 

While India has spent crores of rupees in preparations for the event, experts have said that India is unlikely to gain much from this whirlwind tour. 

Observers say that Trump’s reasons for choosing to visit India now, just a few months ahead of the US general elections, range from presenting himself as a “global superstar” to appealing to the influential Indian-American diaspora. 

As Trump arrives in India for a 36-hour trip and Modi makes a grand show of the bonhomie between the two, people have taken to Twitter to mock the entire exercise. 

#GoBackTrump began to trend on Indian Twitter on Monday morning as Trump landed in India. Meanwhile, some Americans have asked Trump and Melania to just stay on in India.

Meanwhile, on American Twitter, people asked Trump to never come back and requested Indians to keep him here.