02/06/2019 10:13 AM IST | Updated 02/06/2019 10:18 AM IST

Has Congress' Social Media Head Divya Spandana Quit Twitter?

Her Twitter handle is defunct.

Neilson Barnard via Getty Images

Days after Congress’ social media head Divya Spandana congratulated Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Twitter for being the second woman to hold that post, her handle seems to have disappeared.

Spandana or the Congress has not made an official comment on the issue. The disappearance of Spandana’s handle comes days after Congress announced that they won’t be sending representatives to television debates for a while. Some media reports and tweets also speculated if Spandana had left the party. 

Spandana’s verified page on Facebook continues to be active with a cryptic last post on 29 May. It’s a photo of her accompanied by the caption: “The delusion that you could hold on.”

As the drama around Rahul Gandhi’s resignation continues, it has been pointed out by various political observers that while Congress’ social media presence — led by Spandana — was often spunky, but may have failed to harness actually sustained support. 

In an interview to HuffPost India last year, Spandana had said that she wanted Congress’ voice on social media to “lend our voice to those who are not heard. In Modi’s government, it would be unemployed youth, it would be women, it would be Dalits, it would be minorities, it would be farmers, it would be all the other Hindus who do not resonate with their idea of Hinduism.”

She had also pointed out the advantage BJP has over Congress: “The thing is that their message is obviously more resounding because they have the resources, they have the TV, they have the money to print ads and radio jingles. So, people feel that what they are saying is the conversation, but it is not.”

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