11/02/2020 12:36 PM IST | Updated 11/02/2020 5:46 PM IST

Delhi Results: AAP Sweeps Sites Of Anti-CAA Protests In The Capital

A look at the constituencies that were the site of the biggest anti-CAA protests in the national capital in the last two months.

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Students of Jamia Millia Islamia at the sit-in protest in Shaheen Bagh which became the epic centre of protests against CAA, in Delhi, on January 18, 2020.

The Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) sweep in the Delhi assembly elections included wins in all the seats where demonstrations have been held and are ongoing against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

While Ballimaran had recorded the highest polling of 71.6% in all 70 seats of Delhi, Mustafabad, Matia Mahal and Seelampur were among seats that recorded some of the highest voter turnouts.

On Tuesday, as the results came in, Shaheen Bagh protesters held a demonstration against police violence in Jamia and Tughlakabad on Monday night.

Here’s a look at how the constituencies that were the site of the biggest anti-CAA protests in the national capital in the last two months fared in the poll results.

Seelampur — AAP’s Abdul Rehman won the seat by 36,920 votes over BJP’s Kaushal Kumar Mishra.

The seat was previously held by AAP’s Mohd Ishraque, who won the seat in 2015 by over 27,800 votes. 

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Okhla — AAP’s Amanatullah Khan won the seat by a mammoth margin of over 91,000 votes to defeat BJP’s Braham Singh in the constituency which includes the Shaheen Bagh and Jamia Nagar areas. Khan bettered his 2015 win margin of 65,500 votes. Read more

Mustafabad — AAP’s Haji Yunus defeated BJP’s Jagdish Pradhan, the incumbent MLA, by 20,074 votes. Pradhan had won in 2015 with a margin of just over 6000 votes.

Matia Mahal — AAP’s Shoaib Iqbal is set for a comfortable win over BJP’s Ravinder Gupta with a massive margin of over 50,000 votes. The seat was won by AAP’s Asim Ahmed Khan in the last election.

Ballimaran — Incumbent MLA Imran Hussain won the seat by a margin of 36,172 votes against BJP candidate Lata. He had won the 2015 election with a margin of 33,877 votes.

Tughlakabad — AAP’s Sahiram retained his seat, winning against BJP’s Bhiduri by over 13,700 votes. Delhi police reportedly entered the protest area on the even of the election results and lathi-charged protestors, organisers of the Shaheen Bagh had said.

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