22/01/2019 9:14 AM IST

PHOTOS: It's POURING In Delhi And Twitter Is Abuzz

People woke up to heavy rains and almost pitch darkness even at 8:00 am.

Adnan1 Abidi / Reuters

It’s January, but Delhi has woken up to a morning of hailstorms and rains. While it does rain in Delhi in January, it looked more like the monsoons on Tuesday. 

The sun was completely blocked out and people woke up to remnants of hail on their balconies. At 9 am, Iit looked like it was 9 pm. 

People took to social media, sharing photos of what it looked like. #DelhiRains was one of the top trends on Indian Twitter on Tuesday morning. 

While the inclement weather looked apocalyptic, it was also a cause of joy for many because it’s a good excuse to bunk work and school.  

People also made jokes about how it looked like it was late at night.