02/01/2019 2:38 PM IST

This Delhi Police Press Release On Marijuana Reads Like A Guide To Great Ganja

The effects of smoking these strains, according to the police, included 'contagious laugh', 'always there for you' and 'intimidating hot'.

Getty Images/Twitter

The Delhi police issued a press release on Monday about having arrested two people who were importing marijuana from the US. However, it read less like a press release and more like a guide to smoking good pot. 

A chart, part of the press release, on the imported strains of marijuana and its effects on the human brain, went viral on Twitter. Titled “Types of imported ganja and their names” the chart said the strain ‘Bubba kush’ results in ‘contagious laughs’, ‘pineapple express’ makes people ‘seek inner peace’ and so on. One of the effects, the Delhi police said, was ‘intimidating hot’. 

Some of the effects like “always there for you” were not only funny, but also inaccurate. 

The list, instead of warning people away from trying the illegal substance,  probably made even non-smokers curious about it. 

After many ‘contagious laughs’ were shared on Twitter, the chart was quietly removed from the press release. But even without it, the statement still reads like a guide for pot smokers. Perhaps because, as first reported, the Delhi police plagiarised the paragraphs detailing strains like Marijuana Wax and Shatter word to word from websites for pot smokers. 

On Marijuana Wax the release says: 

Marijuanawax refers to the softer opaque oils that have lost their transparency afterextraction. Smoking wax is gaining popularity. The wax is a very concentrated formwith high percentages of THC and other cannabinoids.  It looks like bees wax or earwax. It is goodfor use with an oil rig, but can also be used with other methods. 

This has been taken from which says that they are the “world’s largest cannabis information resource, empowering people in legal cannabis markets”. 

The press release said: 

Shatter, with its flawless amber glasstransparency has a reputation for being the purest and cleanest type ofextract. Shatter or glass extracts are strong, transparent, clear or lightlycolored concentrates that pack a strong punch. 

This is also from 

Another part about the growing marijuana industry is taken from from a post titled “The Many Types Of Solventless Cannabis Extracts”. 

The press release says: 

Theworld of cannabis extract is expanding rapidly with no intention of slowingdown. In most legal markets concentrate sales are increasing steadily as theycontinue to grab larger shares of the market year after year. Emerging trendswithin cannabis concentrate sales have undoubtedly fueled innovation at astaggering pace as a result of high demands.

Compare this with the first paragraph of the article: 

The release said that the two arrested used the “dark web” to import marijuana from the US. The bit describing the dark web is also plagiarised from the Wikipedia page on dark web. 

Meanwhile, Twitter was absolutely unforgiving when it came to roasting the press release: