11/02/2020 3:09 PM IST | Updated 11/02/2020 5:16 PM IST

Delhi Election Results: Twitter Users Make Fun Of BJP's Divisive Agenda As AAP Heads For Win

Twitter users also made jokes about the Congress, which failed to lead even in a single seat.

Getty Images/Twitter

The Aam Aadmi Party is heading towards a resounding victory in Delhi, where voters have rejected the divisive campaign run by the BJP. 

Latest numbers by the Election Commission show that the AAP is leading in 63 seats and the BJP’s lead has dropped to only 7 seats. 

While the BJP had claimed it could form a government on the back of its communal campaign, they have only managed to increase their tally by around four seats from 2015. 

Now, after the results, people are taking to Twitter to make jokes about the BJP and its leaders. 

Here’s what people said: 

Many Twitter users made fun of the Congress because for the second time in a row, it failed to even get leads, let alone win, in one seat. 

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