08/02/2020 6:38 PM IST | Updated 08/02/2020 8:43 PM IST

What Exit Polls Say About Delhi Elections 2020

Exit polls for Delhi released. Here's what each of them say:

Getty Images
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal along with Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia during a road show campaign for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) at Patparganj ahead of Delhi Assembly Elections on February 3, 2020 in New Delhi.

With voting closed in Delhi’s assembly elections, several news channels released exit polls.

Voter turnout was 59.08%, the Election Commission’s provisional figures showed as of 8.28pm on Saturday, down by roughly 7% compared to the polling percentage in 2015.

Hours before polling, the Election Commission on Thursday appointed Vinod Zutshi, a retired IAS officer who has served in the EC, as a special general observer for the polls, Times of India reported.

Here are the numbers from each exit poll for Delhi:

India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll

AAP: 59-68

BJP: 2-11

Congress: 0 

Times Now-Ipsos Exit Poll

AAP: 47

BJP: 23

Congress: 0

NewsX-POLSTRAT Exit Poll

AAP: 50-56

BJP: 10-14

Congress: 0

TV9 Bharatvarsh-Cicero Exit Poll

AAP: 54


Congress: 1

Republic Jan Ki Baat Exit Poll

AAP: 48-61

BJP: 9-21

Congress: 0-1

Sudarshan News (based on polling numbers till 4pm)

AAP: 44-48

BJP: 22-24

Congress: 0-1

ABP-C-Voter Exit Poll

AAP: 49-63

BJP: 5-19

Congress: 0-4

India News- NETA App Exit Poll

AAP: 53-57

BJP: 11-17

Congress: 0-2

NDTV’s Poll of Polls

AAP: 56

BJP: 14

Congress: 0