5 Cute Animals To End The Week: 'Ugly Betty' The Dog Inundated With Offers Of A Home

Ugly Betty the Frenchie has a few ailments, but 30+ people have come forward offering to adopt her.

It’s time to wind down from the stresses of day-to-day life and see what the animal kingdom has been up to. Starting with none other than Ugly Betty.

1. Ugly Betty Is On The Up.

A French bulldog affectionately known as Ugly Betty has been inundated with offers of a new home after the RSPCA put out an appeal for people to give her a chance. The pup, who has an eye missing and also has Cushing’s Disease, is believed to be eight years old.

More than 30 people from as far away as the US have come forward and offered to adopt her, according to the BBC. We hope there’s a happy ending in sight for this wonderful pup.

Ugly Betty
Ugly Betty

2. Blep.

This black cat is all of us at 5pm on a Friday. Maybe even 2pm if you went out last night...

Ready for his close-up.

3. Gollum Or Cat?


4. Best Asos Order Ever?

If only all online orders had such a treat in store.

5. Pupsie Daisy.

Somebody fetch this guy a straw.