18/03/2020 12:43 PM IST

Coronavirus: 5 Fun Videos You Need To See If Everything Is Making You Anxious

From Kerala cops doing a hand wash dance to Vir Das's corona blues song, these video will cheer you up.

As India deals with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the country, with schools, colleges, universities closed and a lot of people working from home, it’s likely that many of us feel a sense of panic. 

While most experts suggest taking breaks from social media, it is also becoming a tool to keep things fun and spread important information through creative videos. 

Here are some videos that have been widely shared. They are either helpful or just plain entertaining. 

1. Kerala Cops Have A Hand Wash Dance

Kerala as a state has managed the coronavirus outbreak well, despite having the second highest number of patients in the country. Watch these cops break a leg while teaching us how to wash out hands properly.

2. No Handshakes At This Wedding

Postponing a wedding can be a difficult thing to do, so this couple decided they would do the ‘Wuhan shake’ at their wedding instead of shaking hands with or hugging their guests. 

3. Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Robot 

Not just the police, Kerala seems to have tasked robots with giving people advice on COVID-19. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor shared a video. 

4. This Saas-Bahu Style Video On Sharing

Instagrammer Saloni Gaur tells us to share our hand sanitizer, in all saas-bahu serial glory, when the entire world is hoarding things. 

5. Comedian Vir Das A Song To Beat The Corona Blues

Like all of us, comedian Vir Das is stuck at home. So he made a song and shared it saying, “This shit is terrible, and we need to laugh at it.”

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