22/10/2019 5:29 PM IST | Updated 22/10/2019 6:37 PM IST

Congress MP Hibi Eden's Wife Apologises For Rape Joke In Facebook Post

Facebook users came down heavily on her, calling her comments “anti-women” and “vulgar”.

Facebook/Anna Linda Eden
Anna Linda Eden

Congress MP Hibi Eden’s wife Anna Linda Eden expressed regret for publishing Facebook post that included an offensive rape joke. She deleted the post after several users called her out.

Hibi Eden represents Ernakulam constituency in Kerala.

“Fate is like rape, if you can’t resist it, then try to enjoy it,” Anna Linda had written while posting two video clips to depict the plight of her daughter and husband Eden during the floods following heavy rains in Kochi on Monday.

While one video showed her daughter being evacuated from their waterlogged residence, another clip showed her husband enjoying a sizzler somewhere.

Facebook users came down heavily on her, calling her comments “anti-women” and “vulgar”.

Anna Linda deleted the post, and wrote another one expressing regret. She explained that she tried to face life’s problem with a smile.

Anna Linda said she had quoted a reference she remembered from an old episode of Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati, which had influenced her.

She said she had not intended to hurt women who had to go through such a horrible experience and expressed regret for the misunderstanding caused by her initial post.