22/06/2019 12:10 PM IST

Congress Demands Action Against Shiv Sena, BJP Leaders Involved In Maharashtra Fodder Scam

Maharashtra Congress chief Ashok Chavan cited numbers from HuffPost India's report while demanding an inquiry into the fodder scam.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

NAGPUR, Maharashtra — The Maharashtra state unit of the Congress party has demanded an immediate inquiry into the Maharashtra fodder scam and action against the Shiv Sena-BJP leaders involved in it.

Ashok Chavan, president of Maharashtra Congress Committee, cited numbers and facts from a HuffPost India’s exclusive report on how fraudulent NGOs set up by BJP and Shiv Sena workers are siphoning off drought-relief funds meant for cattle camps. 

“Are these fodder camps or arrangement to feed BJP-Shiv Sena workers? Do an audit of all the fodder camps and take action against those involved in this scam,” Chavan said in a press statement.

Citing facts and figures from the HuffPost India’s report, Chavan said, “The BJP-Shiv Sena workers are appropriating the grant meant for cattle in drought-hit areas by showing bogus numbers in these fodder camps.”

“The Shiv Sena-BJP workers managed to get sanctions to run fodder camps in the name of various NGOs and opened a large number of fodder camps in drought-hit Marathwada region of Maharashtra. They are now cornering crores of rupees of the grant which is being given by the government to these fodder camps by showing an inflated number of cattle than the actual present number,” he added.

Chavan cited excerpts from the HuffPost India’s report on how 16000 inflated animals were being shown in fodder camps in Beed district before an official inspection ordered by Beed collector Astik Kumar Pandey.

“If a proper audit is done of all the fodder camps in Beed district itself, this will turn out to be a far bigger scam. We demand that there should be an immediate inquiry and action in this scam,” the Maharashtra Congress chief said in the statement.